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3 reasons why brands should send out PR boxes

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

PR boxes are an excellent way for brands to get their products more exposure by partnering with content creators that have the audience they are trying to target. With social media dominating the force of consumer decision-making, brands must send out PR packages.

If you’ve followed an influencer or content creator on social media, you’ve probably seen them open PR boxes from some of their favorite brands. A PR box is a package full of a brand’s products that get sent out to a list of chosen influencers in hopes that they will share the products with their audience organically. It’s important to note that the content creator has no obligation to post on their social media pages after receiving the package; there is no contract for them to provide content in exchange. The goal is that the influential person will want to post about the products to give a genuine review of them, driving brand awareness and sales. However, it’s crucial that brands carefully select which influencers they want to partner with. “They are not just your representatives, they are now a part of your brand, and just as you would welcome a guest into your home, the same should be done with influencers,” said Pallavi Kumari, social entrepreneurship specialist from Open Growth.

Read on for three reasons why brands should send out PR boxes.

  1. It fits into a social media trend, making it easy for influencers to post

Nowadays, influencers can be seen on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube doing “PR unboxing” videos where content creators show their PR packages on camera and their genuine reactions to the products. These videos captivate viewers for a couple of reasons. First, they get to see an influencer’s first impression of the product. Second, they can see how brands are being creative with their PR boxes. With this trend on the rise, it should be no question for brands to send out PR boxes. Influencers are likely to post about receiving a brand's product if it means they can create content that fits into a trend. Influencers want to follow trends, so their content becomes more popular and reaches more people. For example, on TikTok, if you use a trending sound or hashtag, you are more likely to end up on someone’s “For You Page” (FYP), reaching more people and getting more views, likes, and followers.

  1. Social media is a primary contributing factor to consumer purchases

Almost everyone is guilty of buying something because they saw it on social media, which explains the influence social media has on the consumer purchase decision-making process. PR boxes' main goal is to be posted on social media, and when they are posted, viewers will likely either 1) follow or interact with your brand or 2) browse the products shown in the influencer’s post. Following those options, the consumer will decide if it’s something they want to purchase. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate of outbound marketing, and Retail Touchpoints found that 76% of consumers buy products they’ve seen on social media.

  1. It simply doesn’t hurt

The question is, why wouldn’t a brand want to send out PR boxes? If a brand has the money to send out the product, it doesn't hurt to curate a list of influencers that fit your brand’s audience and send them a box! Whether they post content or not, it’s worth the risk. Even if they don’t post content, you are still sharing your brand’s messaging and products with an influential person who directly contacts the audience you want to sell to. So whether they see the perfume you sent them on their bathroom counter when they post their next mirror selfie, and their followers ask where it's from, or they happen to post a review about it - it’s worth it.

All in all, brands should be sending out PR boxes because they will increase their brand awareness and drive sales. A handpicked selection of influencers who fit the brand’s identity and reach their target audience could drastically improve the brand, which involves little to no risk for the business.

By Erin Barker

Erin is a fourth year at San Diego State University and is originally from Denver, Colorado. She will graduate in May with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. After graduation, she dreams of working in the fashion industry.

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