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TikTok: A top platform for PR practitioners

Back in 2009, when you heard the phrase “tik tok,” you probably were thinking of Kesha, the popular American singer-songwriter’s first hit single “TiK ToK.” Today, your mind most likely goes to the app. TikTok, the sixth most popular social media platform worldwide, has been soaring in popularity and recently became the most downloaded social media app with 656 million global downloads. This app has quickly evolved into the next big public relations strategy as agencies and businesses are utilizing this platform to attract larger audiences, build brand personalities, and create successful campaigns.

In the PR industry, staying up to date with the latest social media trends is important. Since TikTok has grown within the past few years, PR professionals were required to pivot and implement new tactics for their strategies. They shortly realized that taking advantage of TikTok would create more exposure for their brands and companies.

TikTok is the perfect fit for brands targeting younger audiences, as 60% of users are between the ages of 16-24. This app makes it easier than ever to promote a brand as it allows for branded hashtags and lenses, influencer partnerships, and video advertisements. It plays videos immediately upon opening the app to draw in viewers and is driven by its algorithm that shows videos based on the users’ interests.

TikTok also gives brands the opportunity to partner with influencers and popular creators. For example, Charli D’Amelio, one of the most prominent creators on TikTok with 148 million followers, had a sponsorship with Dunkin Donuts to release her two signature beverages. Her hashtag, #CharliXDunkinContest, went viral as she encouraged her fans to post on TikTok recreating her iconic Charli X Dunkin moment. She also had the chance to partner up with Morphe beauty alongside her sister. This partnership was a win for both them and the brand, as they now have their own makeup line with Morphe.

So why TikTok? From once being a place where Gen Zers connected with their friends for entertainment purposes, it has now become a PR practitioner’s gem. What sets TikTok apart from other social media platforms is its massive global presence and its unique algorithm known as the “For You Page (FYP).” TikTok can be rewarding since it has the capability to make PR campaigns fun and engaging, and it makes creators seem like the brand they are representing is actually a part of their life.

The last main appeal for PR companies and agencies to this platform is that TikTok is a space for everyone. Even though it may seem like there are other platforms out there that can be helpful in making your PR campaign successful, TikTok is your best bet in obtaining that global reach. It simply takes one video to make your company or PR campaign go viral.

By Brynna Brainard

Brynna was born and raised in Orange County and moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University. Brynna is a senior majoring in journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. She has a lot of background in digital marketing and PR as she has interned for two different agencies. Brynna looks forward to a career in PR or marketing after she graduates.


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